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Gypsea Blu Photo Booth Bus

Since you asked...

Gypsea Blu Photo Booth Bus
Gypsea Blu Photo Booth Bus
  • How does the photo booth work?
    It's pretty simple really... Grab a prop. Step inside the bus. Take a seat and follow the onscreen instructions. The camera will take 3 pics with a few seconds in between each shot. Smile. Look beautiful. Have fun. When it's finished, you take your photo strip. You can then share your pics on social media (@gypseablubus). Easy peasy!
  • May we see the bus before the event?
    Of course! You can find our upcoming public events and adventures on our Instagram and Facebook page. If you're just not able to swing by one of those events, then we are happy to set up a personal meet and greet with you. We can grab a cup of coffee and introduce you to Gypsea Blu. You will fall in love with her!
  • Do you travel?
    We are all about road trips! Our base camp is Delray Beach, Florida. If your event is anywhere outside Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade counties, contact us and we can make a plan. Travel fees will apply when booking outside of our normal service area.
  • Do you drive the bus?
    Yes, we always drive to our events. Gypsea Blu may not be fast but she's definitely hip and cool. She gets us wherever we need to go.
  • Is the bus for sale?
    Ummm. No.
  • When do you set up at the event?
    We will arrive 45 minutes/1 hour prior to the event. The photo booth bus will be up and running and ready for guests at the scheduled booking time.
  • Where do you park the bus when you arrive?
    We can park almost anywhere! We will work with you and your venue before your event to get approval and instructions. Inside or outdoors, we prefer a space that is about 10’ x 20’ but we can get creative and do our best to make anything work. If we’re parking outdoors, we can park anywhere that is vehicle-friendly. If Gypsea Blu is joining the party indoors, she can usually squeeze through double doors. We can even push the bus inside if we need to.
  • Do you need power?
    Yes, we need access to a standard electrical outlet within 100 feet of the bus. If you’re unable to provide electrical access, we can provide a generator ($75 fee). It’s quiet and you won’t even hear it. So no need to worry about that!
  • What is idle time?
    Idle time is time that we are on location and set up but the photo booth is not operating. If you have us come early for photos before your event, we offer a lower rate for the time between that and the photo booth start time.
  • Do you print photo strips on-site?
    Absolutely! We want your guests to walk away with their photo strips in their hand…because, well… that’s just more fun! In a matter of seconds, we print two 2x6 photo strips per session. There is no limit on how many prints you get during your event. Guests can hop back in the bus as many times as they want to get more snapshots throughout the event.
  • Can I personalize the prints?
    Yes! Each package includes custom personalized photo strips. We have lots of designs for you to choose from and we can personalize them with your name, date and event info. Share your invitation or logo with us and we can even create designs to match the theme of your event. We think you’re special and your prints should be, too!
  • Will I receive digital files from my event?
    We offer an online gallery with all the images from the event, available within 48-72 hours after the event. We also offer a USB (stored in a pretty little box so you don’t lose it) so you can download and share photos with all your friends and family forever and ever!
  • Can I post images to social media?
    Of course you can! Our social media feature allows you and your guests to instantly receive the photos via text message or email. They can then share those pics right then and there to their social media accounts. Obviously, this requires a WiFi connection. If WiFi is not available, their texts and emails will be in our queue and sent as soon as WiFi is available (usually within 24 hours). Tag us. Like us. Follow us. Gypsea Blu loves the attention!
  • Is there a booth attendant?
    Gypsea Blu has her personal tribe with her at all times. Your event package includes at least one awesome, super rad attendant to make sure everyone is having a good time and to help things run smoothly!
  • Can I decorate the bus?
    Absolutely! We will work with your florist and event planner to create something that fits perfectly into the style of your event. We think Gypsea Blu is already so beautiful and she will look even better when she’s dressed up for your event.
  • Can I rent the bus for a photo shoot?
    Yes. Gypsea Blu is a great model and the perfect prop for your photo session. She is available for styled shoots, engagement photos, announcement photos and more. We will stay with the bus during the entire session. Please contact us to discuss our rates.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we are. Some venues require it and we have it. We want to be sure to have everything in place for your event to go on as planned.
Gypsea Blu Photo Booth Bus
Gypsea Blu Bus driving icon
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